Sunday, March 19, 2017

Over The Castle On The Hill

“Some journeys in life can only be traveled alone.”~Ken Poirot

I love to walk and travel. Since I walked the gr20 in Corsica, I fell in love with nature. Now I'm searching a walking route which I can walk alone, but I'm too scared to plan it. Dreaming of the mountains, trying to find myself on the way,etc. But I cannot take the step. Fear is controlling me.
I searched some easy walks, but it stays with looking and searching. It 's like window shopping. You want that dress, but you decide it is not a necessary item, so you leave it right there where you found it.
Do you have any experience of travelling alone? What walks did you take? Can you advise any?



Lara said...

That sounds so adventurous! I would go for it if I were you! These pictures are also stunning! x lara

Louise said...

Wonderful pictures! Love the yellow jacket.

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